We hope you had a great Thanksgiving with family and friends.

We are now offering second liens on rental properties; this gives you the ability to access equity in the home should that be a part of your overall financial strategy.   

There is a fixed rate option and an interest-only option that works like a line of credit.  The interest rates on these will approximately range from 10 – 14% depending on the specific scenario.  Albeit this seems like a high rate, keep in mind that this is nearly 50% less than a credit card rate, and the interest is tax deductible in many cases. 

We have clients beginning to utilize these products for a down payment on a new home, which allows leverage without selling the property.  This product can be used how you see fit, whether it is large expenses or debt payoffs. 

These products allow you to take up to 85% of your home’s value. 

It is always my priority to keep you educated and provide information that may be valuable to your situation.  Please reach out with any questions, or if you would like us to send you some options to review.

Have a great holiday season, and thank you, as always, for your trust in our consultation.