So, you know what’s cooking in the world of finance? Chicago Fed President Austan Goolsbee served up some fresh insights on CNBC this morning. He’s got a hunch that inflation might stick around a bit longer than we’d like. It’s like trying to finish a giant sandwich – it just won’t go away! But, like those baked potatoes you accidentally forget in the oven, Austan assured us that the Fed is on a mission to get inflation back to 2%. It’s like they’re trying to make a gourmet dish out of economic stability!

When it comes to mortgage rates and Treasury Bonds, they’re like two peas in a pod. If Treasury rates rise, other bonds, including mortgages, must follow suit to lure investors. It’s like a buffet where all the dishes compete for your attention! And why do investors flock to higher yields? It’s like choosing between a gourmet meal and a microwave dinner. More risk, more reward!

Now, let’s talk about the correlation between the 10-year Treasury and mortgages. The 10-year Treasury is the star of the show in the mortgage world because of its similar duration to the time the average Joe holds a mortgage – seven years. It’s like finding the perfect wine to pair with your meal! But remember, Treasury yields are just a benchmark for fixed-rate mortgages. They’re like the salt and pepper of the financial world – they add flavor, but they’re not the whole meal! Think Adjustable Rate Mortgages.
Now, let’s talk turkey about the economy. When the Treasury Note’s yield goes up, it’s a sign of growth, but it can also signal spicy inflation (Duh!) And when the yield curve inverts, it’s like the market saying, “Uh-oh, something’s not right.” Well, like a slow cooker, we have been inverted for quite some time, and that chili is beginning to burn!

So, here’s the dish: Mortgage Rates and Treasury Yields are like a dynamic duo, moving together to stay competitive. It’s like they’re dancing to the same tune!

In September, rates have been on the rise, and there’s even a debate about renting versus buying. It’s like choosing between dining out and cooking at home. There are pros and cons to consider, just like in finance! My take is that the appreciation, amortization gain, and living the American dream will prevail!

So, my financial foodie friend, keep an eye on the Treasury yield and remember that the world of finance can be just as tasty and complex as a gourmet meal.

Bon appétit, and may your investments be as satisfying as a well-cooked steak!