I’m the creative of the group…an artist in a financial services world. Unexpected? Perhaps. Valuable? I’d like to think so.

I’ve had an insatiable thirst for communication for as long as I can remember. I was the little girl who never shut up, always asked why, and couldn’t wait to share her latest piece of creative writing with whoever was kind enough to listen. Eventually, someone put a 35mm camera in the hands of that precocious elementary schooler, and the heavens parted. I could tell stories with both words AND pictures! Decades later, I traded in the pink unicorn journals and peel-and-stick albums for compelling copy and beautiful brand imagery.

Following my studies at ASU and the Universidad de Granada (Spain), I gathered experience in the fields of international relations, real estate sales and marketing, and multi-media production. This diverse background informs my dual role as Bison Ventures Marketing Manager/Loan Officer. As a company, we are committed to spreading the word of Informed Mortgage Lending to every potential borrower in search of a remarkable mortgage experience. Individually, I have established myself as a valued partner to some of the valley’s most well-respected hyperlocal agent pros. I am passionate about helping each of them show up with a clear message that creates raving fans and converts to commissions – Not an easy feat in a state with 70,000+ licensees. If you are a REALTOR® looking for a generous, fun, marketing-savvy lender partner, I’d love to chat.

Although my job inspires me, my family feeds my soul. While not brand evangelizing, I love spending time with my three adult children as we hunt for new gastronomic, artistic, and cultural experiences near and far. And, of course, the next captured moment is only a shutter click away.