Hey Financial Folk,

Shake it off, shake it off! It’s your friendly finance guru, bringing you the juiciest market gossip. So, like, stocks and mortgage bonds are on a rollercoaster, higher today after a wild ride yesterday. Three main villains – Governor Bowman, a cringe-worthy bond auction, and Powell’s not-so-swift change of tune.

Governor Bowman, the non-economist lawyer, wants to hike rates. Her reasoning? Higher energy prices, a housing rebound, and revised earnings. She’s clearly lost in the Swifty vibes.

The 30-year Bond Auction? Yikes. China couldn’t shop because of a hack, but foreign love for our bonds is fading faster than Taylor’s exes.

Powell’s playing musical chairs with his statements. He was all “slow down the economy” before; now he’s a hawk. Dude, pick a lane! Maybe he’s trying to out-swift the Bond market.

Consumer sentiment? Four months of decline – seems like they’re not feeling the love story with the economy.

Jobless claims are doing a cha-cha – staying low but rising. Employers are holding on, but finding new gigs is like searching for Easter eggs in November.

Oil’s sliding under $77 a barrel – good news for our CPI diet! And used cars Index, per Manheim? Down 4% YoY. Inflation’s seems to be getting a Taylor-style breakup.

Shipping’s the new heartbreak anthem. Maersk (world’s largest shipper) is singing about subdued demand, and FedEx’s pilots are apparently flying away to American Airlines. Drama in the logistics love triangle!

Banks are tightening their belts in the Q3 Senior Loan Officer’s survey.

Credit is the economy’s lifeblood, and it’s slowing down. Cue the melancholic Taylor Swift track.

Stay fearless, my financial friends! We’ll navigate these market love stories together.



P.S. – this week’s entry is dedicated to my three favorite Swifty’s…Jennifer, Fiona, and Carter