Hey friends,

Hope this email finds you navigating the economic field like a seasoned quarterback! Just wanted to share some laughs and insights from the recent Consumer Price Index (CPI) report – it’s been more exciting than a college bowl game!

Seems like the headline reading tried to score a touchdown but ended up getting sacked for a loss, rising 0.1% against the estimated flat reading.  And the core reading did a little dance, increasing by 0.3%, keeping it in line with estimates.  It’s like the market was expecting a thrilling showdown, but we got a barnburner instead!

Used car prices decided to be the MVP, rising unexpectedly by 1.6%, throwing off the core reading predictions.  Maybe they’re practicing their Hail Marys on the economic field!

Shelter costs, the unsung heroes, rose by 0.4%, but the volatile lodging away from home figure fell by 0.9%, saving the day once again.  Talk about a plot twist!

And don’t get me started on the Motor Vehicle Insurance and Health Insurance teams – they’re playing hard, rising by 1% and 1.1%, respectively.  Who knew insurance could be this competitive?

Now, the stage is set for tomorrow’s Producer Price Index (PPI) report – will it be a touchdown celebration or a fumble?  We’re hoping for a friendly outcome for the Bond market!

Speaking of numbers, the job market threw us a curveball with 199,000 jobs created in November. But wait, there’s a plot twist – 47,000 of those gains came from returning film and auto strike workers! It’s like a Hollywood script unfolding in the job market.

The game isn’t over yet, and as we gear up for the PPI report tomorrow, let’s hope for some touchdown-worthy stats!