On this episode, we broke away from the world of real estate and brought in a guest whose creativity, head for numbers, and fiery spirit have launched him into enormous entrepreneurial success in the hospitality industry.

Austin Walter was never one to follow the beaten path. Even while serving up drinks at his family’s local bar in college, it was obvious that he was itching for more. He headed to Ventura, California with dreams of film school, but life threw him a curveball and he found himself back behind the bar. But not for long, as he went on to BUY that bar, and that’s where he really got rolling.

Fast forward, and Austin’s been shaking things up back in the Valley. He launched Low Key Piano Bar- a lively dueling piano bar a la Little Ditty’s (for those of you who grew up in Phoenix) that attracts everyone from college students to grandparents. Austin’s next brainchild Freshly Laid is a fast-casual breakfast joint that’s serving up fun, flavor, and a dash of sass.

Austin’s journeys had its share of highs and lows, from fun collaborations with local chefs to grueling legal battles. But what stands out is his resilience and ambition. Austin’s not just surviving, he’s expanding, with new ventures on the horizon, and a commitment to keeping his teams tight and motivated