Properties, Productions & Pride | Brad York

In our latest episode of Into the Storm, we’re thrilled to bring you an intimate conversation with the ever-resilient, Brad York, REALTOR® with The Brokery.

Once a hopeful dreamer navigating the bustling streets of New York, Brad opens up about his journey from chasing Broadway dreams to becoming the heart of the Arizona Broadway Theatre. The city lights of NY and its high-energy theatre scene were his training grounds, but it was in the quiet desert landscape of Peoria, Arizona, where he found his true stage.

Brad shares the defining moments of his life – from taking the courageous leap to come out to his parents in his twenties, to the seismic shift that led him from the world of performance to the realm of real estate.

When COVID hit and the curtains of the theatre temporarily closed, Brad found a new calling. His passion and grit shine as brightly as ever as he talks about his seamless pivot into real estate, using his artistic flair to market homes and create meaningful connections.

But this story isn’t just about transitions, it’s about staying true to your roots. Brad still holds close to his heart his theatre origins and the community that shaped him. Despite his career shift, his commitment to the arts and their power to transform lives has never wavered. Brad’s tale serves as a beautiful reminder that sometimes the greatest performances happen offstage.