As always, we strive to inform our clients and partners with timely market data. Here are the latest stats from our monthly Market Update with Tina Tamboer, Senior Analyst with the Cromford Report, on May 2nd.

+37.7% YOY
Accepted Contracts 1736
– 7.8% YOY
best weekly opening since May 23
Days On Market At Contract26
-2 YOY
Median Sales Price$455,000
+ 6.1% YOY
Annual Avg Sales Price/SQFT AppreciationTotal
$309.10 | 5677 homes
+9.7% YOY

Under 2,500 sf (80% of sales in ARMLS)
$271.57 | 4519 homes
+6.2% YOY
+21.5% since April 2021

Over 2,500 sf (20% of sales in ARMLS) 
$382.11 | 797 homes
+14.1% YOY
+4.5% since April 2021
New Single-family Permits2804
+588 YOY
New Home Sales5383
+10% YOY
Sales Over Asking Price17%
+1% YOY
45% – total sales
$9,100 – median
+$50 YOY
Sale Price/List Price Ratio97.9% (2.1% below asking)
  • CPI: While it’s rising for the country, we are below the national average
  • Major Housing Authorities’ Mortgage Rate Q2 Forecast Average is 6.5%.
  • Purchasing a home is the best way to hedge inflation.
  • Affordability remains a major issue.
  • 10 of the 17 major cities (+6 smaller municipalities) are Seller’s Markets; 4 of 17 are in Balance; 3 of 17 are Buyer’s Markets.
  • Peoria and the Deer Valley area are seeing a surge in development growth
  • New homebuilders are seeing major success as they don’t truly compete with resale.
  • Balanced Markets are where savvy REALTORS® come into play. Prepare your sage advice!
  • Tina predicts that we’ll see one last Luxury hurrah before everything shuts down for the summer.
  • Flip slowdown – margins are getting squeezed.

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  • Foster Client Trust: The option to refinance within three years promotes long-term planning and positions you as a trusted advisor.
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Please feel free to reach out with any questions, and if you would like more detailed notes, please click here.