In the 40th episode of “Into the Storm,” we’re joined by the charismatic Jon Mark Estes from North and Co. Jon unravels his journey from Chick-fil-A and the Apple Store, where customer service was more than a job—it was a life lesson. We dive into the personal chapters of Jon’s life, steering the ship through family challenges and Jon stepping up as the man of the house. It’s a saga of maturity, from realizing the weight of unfair expectations to rebuilding connections. Now, in the real estate realm, Jon spills the beans on his grind – calls, leads, and hustling. Starting at Realty One Group, making a pit stop with an epic deal, and finally finding his groove at Northern Co. But Jon’s not just a real estate maestro; he’s a family guy with a heart for helping. From dialing numbers to handling million-dollar deals, he shares the rollercoaster with genuine gusto. We dig into his approach, intentional prep at the hive, and the power of personal connections in a cutthroat market. Jon isn’t just selling properties; he’s weaving a story – personal, warm, and oh-so-relatable. Join us for a chat that’s more than real estate – it’s a life story. It’s about the highs, the lows, and the radiant confidence that defines Jon Mark Estes. This episode is an ode to resilience, hard work, and the journey of a guy who turned challenges into stepping stones. Get ready for a conversation that feels like a chat with a friend, celebrating Jon’s triumphs, embracing his vulnerabilities, and exploring the vibrant tapestry of his life.