With over twenty-five years invested in refining my craft, I take pride in my ability to navigate any mortgage scenario that comes my way. With a solid technical and operational mortgage background, I joined The Crawford Team in 2014, and the synergy was powerful. I began to refine my skills to include all functions of sales and was integral in the successful scaling of the business with a high degree of efficiency and laser focus on the client experience.

Throughout the years, I honed my ability to provide speed and accuracy in all facets of decision-making. My experience has afforded me the ability to view the mortgage process through both an operation and sales lens, empowering me to facilitate the ultimate client journey. Our systems and processes are designed with the consumer in mind, but I am also passionate about supporting the staff that serves our borrowers. I oversee the team’s day-to-day operations with a leadership philosophy that encourages ownership and inspires personal and professional development.