51% below normal, and dropping      

    * our active supply is down 37% from this week last year


22% below normal, and dropping as seasonally normal

New Listings

the lowest number we’ve seen in over 22 years

Accepted Contracts

the lowest weekly counts we’ve ever seen – about 1,500/week

Days on Market

20; historically normal and staying consistent

       * down from 56 DOM in January

Median Sales Price

$439,000 – down 4.6% from July 2022

Annual Median Sales Price/Square Foot Appreciation

Down 2.5% YOY but should start to show positive in August or September


41% of all sales in July had seller paid concessions; median concession is $8,200

Sales Price vs. List Price Ratio

98.3% of list price

     * 22% of sales in July closed over list price


  • We are in a stable Sellers Market
  • Rental supply is continuing to rise; highest number since 2018
  • FHA contracts are up!  In July, they represented 22% of all sales (this is up from 10% this time last year)
  • Investors and iBuyers are pulling out of the market.  Investor purchases were 12% of all purchases in July (down from 21% in Q2 2022)
  • Cash purchases have declined.  In July, they represented 19% of all sales (down from 33% in June 2022)

What’s reasonable to expect in the coming months?

  • Leading metrics in Greater Phoenix do not support continued downward pressure on price for most cities
  • YOY appreciation to hit positive in August or September
  • Supply and demand gap is still pretty big – because of this gap we should still see prices continue to rise

Please feel free to reach out with any questions!

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