Enduring a difficult childhood in South Phoenix with drug-addicted parents, young Carin Nguyen moved schools frequently due to an unstable home environment and was bullied for being white in predominantly minority schools.

While still in high school, she found herself unexpectedly pregnant. Determined to provide a stable home for her baby, Carin bought a house at eighteen. She worked multiple jobs while attending community college and raising her daughter as a single mother.

In 2003, Carin got into real estate and achieved tremendous success, impressively becoming the country’s number two real estate agent for sales volume during the housing crisis. She sold nearly 900 bank-owned and foreclosed properties in one year, amounting to $89 million in sales.

After working for several prominent brokerages and opening her own, Carin spent nine years with Keller Williams before moving to her current company, Real Broker, which offers a revenue share model. She focuses on creating wealth-building opportunities for her agents through training programs, teaching financial literacy, and providing net worth tracking.

Carin’s daughter and son now work alongside her in the family real estate business. From overcoming adversity in her youth to entrepreneurial success in real estate and creating a legacy for her family, Carin’s journey has been remarkable.